Lana Bobkova


cold morning breeze
photographer on empty deck
looking forward

Image – Street Photography Magazine – Street Shooters of the Month (October 2016) , (November 2016) and my article “Provincial weekends” in December 2016 issue.

Australian Photography magazine – Australian Photography Magazine – Photographer of the Year 2015, Featured Photographer: Svetlana Bobkova  Read more…

Словесность – “Stihographiya” is a visual poetry project by Michael Baru, in which I chose and visualised a number of Michael Baru Haiku poems.

An Anthology of Contemporary North American Haiku “Haiku Moment”, edited by Bruce Ross and translated into Russian by Michael Baru, is accompanied by photos I have taken as well as photos by other gifted photographers.

My photos illustrated the Russian translation(by Michael Baru) of the First Australian Haiku Anthology book, edited by Janice M. Bostok & John Bird.

haikumena_en.gif– Haiku I have written has been published in HAIKUMENA, a haiku poetry almanac, as well as in Simply Haiku.

I have also published Russian Haiku online and hardcopy, here are the links if you understand Russian:

Третий Всероссийский Конкурс Хайку

Четвертый Международный Конкурс Хайку (призеры)

Четвертый Международный Конкурс Хайку (дипломанты)